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Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam

Vietnam Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam BIDV is one of the banks with the largest distribution network in the banking system in Vietnam, divided into two blocks with 103 branches of level 1 with nearly 400 transaction points. . Business cooperation with more than 800 banks around the world. BIDV has the largest customer base in the network of credit institutions in Vietnam, including large corporations and corporations; small and medium enterprises. The Banker has selected BIDV as the top 30 largest bank in Southeast Asia, among the 1,000 best banks in the world.

Anh  Minh Gift is honored to become a partner providing BIDV gift services in some events at branches such as BIDV CN Hung Yen, BIDV CN Ha Tay ... with huge amount of gifts. The spare battery charger printed logo and cheap usb card  is ordered 60th Anniversary, ultra print received the appreciation of the customer.




With the ambition to become the number one company in Vietnam in the field of gift supply. Anh Minh Gift Co., Ltd is looking forward to serving and receiving cooperation from customers to develop together towards a good, sustainable future....

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